Panduan Game/SNES/Final Fight 2: Perbedaan antara revisi

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== Skrip ==
=== Layar judul ===
After the destruction of the Mad Gear gang, Metro City slowly returned to normal.
Cody and Jessica went on vacation together and Guy went back to his training schedule.
Haggar also returned home and continued to rule Metro City as mayor. But secretly the Mad Gear gang were regrouping.
Now, the Mad Gang are ready to strike back at those who oppose them. Their first move is to kidnap Guy's fiancee, Rena and her father, Genryusai.
When Rena's sister Maki learns of this, she immediately contacted Haggar for help.
=== Round 1 ===
=== Round 2 ===
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=== Round 3 ===
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