Panduan Game/SNES/Final Fight 2: Perbedaan antara revisi

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When Rena's sister Maki learns of this, she immediately contacted Haggar for help.
Haggar: Hello. This is Mayor Mike Haggar.
Maki: Mike, it's me Maki. You have to help me. The Mad Gear gang have kidnapped my father and sister!
Haggar: What?! The Mad Gear are back? But how...?
Maki: That doesn't matter. I found out that the Mad Gear are heading for Hong Kong and I'm going after them.
Haggar: The Mad Gear must pay for their crimes. I'll meet you in Hong Kong.
Carlos: I owe you and Guy so much, please let me go with you Mike. Besides, I love kick'n butt.
=== Round 1 ===