Panduan Berbahasa Inggris/Menyatakan Kepastian/Ketidakpastian

Ungkapan-ungkapan di bawah ini dapat digunakan untuk menyatakan kepastian/ketidakpastian terhadap hal yang disampaikan orang lain.

Ungkapan Kepastian sunting

Untuk mengungkapkan kepastian dapat menggunakan ekspresi-ekspresi sebagai berikut:

  • Yes, I'm absolutely sure he will
  • Yes, I'm quite sure he will
  • Yes, I'm certain he will
  • Yes, I'm positive he will
  • Yes, definitely
  • Yes, certainly
  • Yes, of course


  • No, I'm absolutely sure he won't
  • No, I'm quite sure he won't
  • No, I'm certain he won't
  • No, I'm positive he won't
  • No, definitely not
  • No, certainly not
  • No, of course not

Contoh Penggunaan sunting

Dialogue 1 sunting

Peter : Are you sure air pollution is more dangerous for children?
Jim : Yes, I'm quite sure. It causes illnesses for them.
Anne : Are you sure all the garbage is easy to destroy?
Marry : No, I'm sure that the garbage like plastics are difficult to destroy

Dialogue 2 sunting

Rini: Rina, are you sure Sani will come? We have been waiting for her for more than 2 hours
Rina: Don’t worry Rini, I’m sure)* she will come soon. Yesterday she promised to come.
Rini: I can’t say that for sure)** she will come.

Keterangan: *) Ungkapan keyakinan/kepastian, **) Ungkapan ketidakpastian/ketidakyakinan.