Panduan Game/NES/Code Name: Viper

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Amerika Code Name: Viper
Jepang Dead Fox

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Tombol B A
Fungsi Tembak Loncat

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Area Easy (1) Easy (2) Normal (1) Normal (2) Difficult (1) Difficult (2)
1 028336 217298
2 059879
3 232766 696017
4 040471
5 545034 282095
6 525956
7 081620 866958
Beverly Hills 171602
Final 132227

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Commander Jones: We have located 7 hideouts of the huge drug syndicate in South America. Your mission is to destroy them. You must find one of our commandos who was hurt and captured in one of the 7 hideouts. Get the grenades from him.

Smith: Yes, Commander Jones.

Commander Jones: Good bye, Mr. Smith.

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Commando: This is what I've obtained.

Our purpose is to control
the whole world by drugs.
Supply as much drugs to
Commander Jones of Special
Missions as possible and
he will handle it.
Never contact him even
though he can be found at
his home in Beverly Hills.
We must execute our top
secret plans now!
Pay attention to
this matter.

Smith: Commander Jones is really dealing in drugs! I'll never allow Jones to do such hateful thing.

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Commander Jones: Now that you know my secret you must die.

Smith: It's all over for you. Commander Jones.

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Mr. Smith destroyed the underground drug routes where commander Jones was involved.

However, this does not mean he destroyed the huge syndicate that intended on conquering the world through dealing drugs.

He decided to fight alone against the huge cartel when he learned that even his Special Mission was infiltrated by drugs.

The day will come when Mr. Smith destroys the drug syndicate.

The End

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