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Haggar Maki Carlos
Height 6'10" (208,28 cm) 5'4" (162,56 cm) 6'2" (187,96 cm)
Weight (lbs.) 280 (127 kg) 114 (51,7 kg) 200 (90,7 kg)
BMI (kg/m2) 29,3 (Overweight) 19,6 (Underweight) 25,7 (Overweight)


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After the destruction of the Mad Gear gang, Metro City slowly returned to normal.

Cody and Jessica went on vacation together and Guy went back to his training schedule.

Haggar also returned home and continued to rule Metro City as mayor. But secretly the Mad Gear gang were regrouping.

Now, the Mad Gang are ready to strike back at those who oppose them. Their first move is to kidnap Guy's fiancee, Rena and her father, Genryusai.

When Rena's sister Maki learns of this, she immediately contacted Haggar for help.

Haggar: Hello. This is Mayor Mike Haggar.

Maki: Mike, it's me Maki. You have to help me. The Mad Gear gang have kidnapped my father and sister!

Haggar: What?! The Mad Gear are back? But how...?

Maki: That doesn't matter. I found out that the Mad Gear are heading for Hong Kong and I'm going after them.

Haggar: The Mad Gear must pay for their crimes. I'll meet you in Hong Kong.

Carlos: I owe you and Guy so much, please let me go with you Mike. Besides, I love kick'n butt.

Round 1Sunting

Hong Kong 12:00PM

After defeating Won Won, Maki, Carlos, and Haggar learned that the Mad Gear gang's base of operations had been moved to Europe.

Won Won told them that Rena and Genryusai are being taken there.

The final fight for the lives of Genryusai and Rena is about to begin.

Round 2Sunting

France 5:00PM

Round 3Sunting

Holland 4:00PM

Round 4Sunting

England 8:00PM

Round 5Sunting

Italy 12:00PM

As Rolent laid on the ground, he told our three heroes something shocking, "You must travel back to Japan where my master awaits you. There you will also find Genryusai and Rena. But beware, my master is the most powerful man in the world and cannot be defeated. You will die! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Round 6Sunting

Japan 11:30PM


Game Level Tambahan Ending End
Easy End


Challenge the other mode!

Normal Maki: Daddy!!


Genryusai: Oh Maki, I'm so happy to see you! You must have had a hard time finding us.

Hard Haggar: When my daughter Jessica was kidnapped, Guy helped me to find her.

Now I have repaid that debt and crushed the Mad Gear.

Rena: Thank you for saving me and my father.

I want to tell Guy all about this, but unfortunately he is still in training.

Oh Guy...

Expert Rena's letter: I don't know how I'm going to thank all of your friends, but I'll start by thanking you.

Please finish your training soon, so that you can be together.

I'll always love you.



Guy: Thanks my friends, I owe you one.

Don't worry Rena I'll be home soon...


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