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Profile of players (profil para pemain)Sunting

Guy Haggar Lucia Dean
Height 5'10" (178 cm) 6'7" (201 cm) 5'8" (173 cm) 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight (lbs) 159 (72 kg) 269 (122 kg) 115 (52 kg) 214 (98 kg)
BMI (kg/m2) 22,7 (Normoweight) 30,2 (Obese) 17,4 (Underweight) 24,7 (Normoweight)
Hobby Ninjitsu Politics Cooking (Not a good cook) Driving (Fast)
Favorite foods
  • Boiled rice soaked in tea
  • Cold Tofu
  • Hamburger
  • Curried rice
  • Instant noodles
  • Beef Kabobs
After completing a martial arts training trip, Guy returns to Metro City only to find himself caught up in a riot. The most popular mayor Metro City has ever known, Mike Haggar seems to become even more powerful with age. A detective in Metro City's Special Crimes Unit, Lucia became Haggar's ally after be helped clear her of a corruption charge. A former street fighter with a thorough knowledge of Skull Cross gang operations.

He always carries a small picture of his family wherever he goes.


Layar judulSunting

After the Mad Gear gang was destroyed, the citizens of Metro City finally thought their nightmare was over.

But without the Mad Gear to control the underworld, the street gangs fought amongst themselves for power over the City.

In the end, the Skull Cross gang reigned supreme.

Several months later, Mayor Mike Haggar got a call from an old friend....

Haggar: Long time no see Guy.

How did your training go?

Guy: Pretty well.

I think I learned a few new moves.

Lucia: Excuse me, Mr. Mayor!

I'm Detective Lucia of the Special Crimes Unit.

The City is under attack!!

Haggar: What?!

Lucia: We've got a huge riot that just broke out in the center of town!

If we don't move quick, they're going to rip Metro City apart!

Haggar: Guy, I'm gonna need your help!

Guy: You got it!

Dean: Wait a minute Mr. Mayor.

I can lead you to them.

Lucia: Who the heck are you?!

Dean: Does it really matter?!

All you need to know is that I know where they're headed.

Haggar: I haven't got a choice so I'll trust you.

But if you're leading me into a trap, I'm gonna grind you into the pavement.

Let's hit the streets!!

Guy: I'm on my way!

Lucia: Yes, sir!

Dean: ...

Round 1 (Police Station)Sunting

Once the battle had been won, it quickly became clear that the riot was simply a smoke screen.

The Skull Cross gang had staged the riot to keep the police busy as they freed one of their leaders from prison.

Dean: Sorry about before, there just wasn't time to explain. My name is Dean and I used to be just another fighter on the street fighter circuit.

But when I refused to join the Skull Cross gang, those maniacs slaughtered my family!

Now I'm going to hunt down every last one of them down and make them pay!

Round 2 (Bar)Sunting

Round 3 (Bus Stop)Sunting

Ada Bus Stop di akhir ronde:

  1. Hancurkan untuk ke Ship
  2. Biarkan untuk ke China Town

Round 4Sunting


The cargo hold of the ship revealed a huge stockpile of weapons.

It looked as if the Skull Cross gang was smuggling weapons for someone.

The only clue was a manifest with the words Sims Inc. scrawled across it.

China TownSunting

Round 5 (Factry)Sunting

The trail of the Skull Cross gang lead them back to the City.

Inside one of the largest building of Metro City, the final fight is about to begin!

Round 6 (The Final)Sunting


Guy: Well, that's over with.

Lucia: But the City is in shambles....

Guy: Let's leave that to Mr. Mayor.

Haggar: Thanks, Guy.

Guy: By the way, what's your plan for after... Hey Dean!

Dean: Somehow, I feel my fight is not yet over.

This is my problem, Guy. I've got to solve it alone.

Guy: We'll be here if you need us. Good luck!

Dean ...Thanks.


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