Panduan Game/SNES/Super Adventure Island II

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After a glorious wedding Master Higgins and his pretty wife Tina were on their way to a romantic honeymoon.

But from out of nowhere a tropical cyclone broke through the seas and ripped the newlyweds apart.

Tina survived but lay dazed on the island of Waku-waku. Her memory had completely vanished.

Master Higgins had an equally rough time, being bounced around and drifting aimlessly before finally landing on a deserted island. Master lost his memory as well, his vision of Tina all but a grain of sand on the vast beach before him.

But being a great warrior, he set out to recover his past.

Tina was found and came to live on the island of Waku-waku. The good king there soon fell in love with her and they decided to marry.

But trouble was in the air!

Just as the King was about to slip on the ring... from towering heights came a beastly buzzard. Swooping down, he stole Tina from the altar and carried her off.

While Master Higgins was passing the castle, he heard the screaming Tina, not recognizing the voice of his lost, fair maiden.










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