Panduan Game/SNES/The Ninja Warriors

  • Stage: 8

Pemain (player)Sunting

Ninja Kunoichi Kamaitachi
Height (ft.) 6,89 (210 cm) 5,58 (170 cm) 6,07 (185 cm)
Weight (lb.) 1540 (699 kg) 143 (65 kg) 220 (100 kg)
BMI (kg/m2) 158,5 (Obese) 22,5 (Normoweight) 29,2 (Overweight)


Layar judulSunting

This once great and wealthy nation lay in the midst of a terrible crisis.

The tyrant, Banglar, used his forces to strike fear and terror into the people. Once brainwashed, they lost the power to think for themselves.

The society was ruined. What was once a great economic power lay in darkness.

However, a single ray of hope remained. A small, powerful hand of underground revolutionaries, led by the famous "Mulk", launched a great campaign to overthrow Banglar and restore freedom to the nation.

Banglar would be deposed by employing a unique squad of three androids. Creating a technology powerful enough to defeat Banglar's forces took time to develop.

Just as the testing stage was reached, the tide turned against Mulk and his brave followers.

Banglar unleashed his troops to crush the resistance once and for all. The attack was swift and sudden.

Only one option was left: The untested androids had to be used.

"Your mission is to overthrow the regime and depose Banglar."

With this order, the final battle began.


Banglar was defeated by the three androids.

It was a great victory for the opposition forces.

Several months later, Mulk became the new president. A new government replaced the old regime.

The circuitry which allow the androids to think for themselves was not yet fully developed. They were programmed to self-destruct to avoid any danger.

The development of the androids progressed under Mulk's government. These powerful weapons became far stronger than Banglar's old forces.

And the people, realizing this, said...

"Some things never change."

The End

Pranala luarSunting