About me

I'm a Wikimedist originally from Spanish Wikipedia (where I'm mainly active), I also contribute to English Wikipedia and Meta. I fight vandalism on cross-wiki, and in general I have a lot of daily activity. Like all human beings, I make mistakes too. If that happens, let me know!

My work

Disclaimer: I only take responsibility for the use of "-Alabama-" in Wikimedia projects, and on the Internet Relay Chat network Libera.Chat as "Alabama". I do not answer for others "-Alabama-" in forums or social networks. I don't participate in sites outside of Wikimedia where it or its integrity is discussed.

Contact me

  • My main talk pages are es.wikipedia.org, en.wikipedia.org and right here Meta.
  • By email and IRC, under the nickname of Alabama (without the "-") and with the cloak Alabama@wikimedia/-Alabama-
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