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  • 08.506 Mei 2024 08.50Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 17 (riw | sunting) ‎[34.083 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XVII. PALEMBANG, BANCA, AND SINGAPORE. May 4th.—At 7 A. M. I bade my host, the controleur, good-by, and began to glide down the Limatang for Palembang. It was a cool, clear morning, and I enjoyed a fine view of Mount Dempo and the other high peaks near it. The current at first was so rapid that the only care of my men was, to keep the boat from striking on the many bars of sand and shingle. To do this, one stood forward and one aft, each provided wit...')
  • 08.496 Mei 2024 08.49Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 16 (riw | sunting) ‎[54.396 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XVI. CROSSING SUMATRA. April 17th.—Took the steamer at Padang for Bencoolen. Nearly all the way we had a heavy wind from the southeast, though the southeastern monsoon has not yet begun in the Java Sea. The western limit of this monsoon region, I judge, after many inquiries, may be considered to be the Cape of Indrapura, but both monsoon winds prevail occasionally as far north as Padang. Farther north the winds are constantly variable. At Tapanuli Bay...')
  • 08.496 Mei 2024 08.49Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 15 (riw | sunting) ‎[43.327 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XV. THE PADANG PLATEAU. As I had seen only a small portion of the Padangsche Bovenlanden, or Padang plateau, I again set off for the interior, following the same route that I had taken before, namely, north, over low lands to the left of the Barizan chain. As the governor’s “American” had not arrived from Saboga, he kindly borrowed for me a “bendy,” that is, a small, heavy, two-wheeled chaise. He gave me an order allowing me to use two horses...')
  • 08.466 Mei 2024 08.46Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 14 (riw | sunting) ‎[34.060 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XIV. RETURN TO PADANG. Back of Siboga rises a high peak, and from its summit I was confident that I could enjoy a magnificent view over the whole bay. A native engaged to show me the way to its top, but after we had travelled a long distance I found he had even less idea of how we were to reach the desired spot than I had myself. Other natives gave me directions, but that day was too far spent for such a journey, and I therefore made my pretended guide...')
  • 08.456 Mei 2024 08.45Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 13 (riw | sunting) ‎[44.359 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XIII. TO THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS. February 26th.—At 7 A. M. rode down the edge of the plateau to the bottom of a deep ravine, and then climbed up the opposite ridge. Here we met all the rajahs and their attendants in the vicinity, and again descended to the bottom of a second ravine to the little village of Pisang. As the way was exceedingly rough, I preferred to ride a nice horse the controleur had given me, to being jolted in the carriage. Beyond...')
  • 08.446 Mei 2024 08.44Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 12 (riw | sunting) ‎[35.896 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XII. SUMATRA. On the third day from Macassar we arrived safely at Surabaya, and thence proceeded westward to Samarang, and, on the first of February, 1866, I was again in Batavia, having been absent in the eastern part of the archipelago eight months. Through the courtesy of Messrs. Dümmler & Co., of that city, who obligingly offered to receive and store my collections and forward them to America, I was left entirely free to commence a new journey. Th...')
  • 08.436 Mei 2024 08.43Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 11 (riw | sunting) ‎[44.062 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER XI. THE MINAHASSA. December 29th.—Early this morning rode about two miles from Sonder in a northwest direction, down over the edge of the plateau on which that village is situated. The road was nothing but a narrow path, and led along a deep ravine, whose sides in several places were high precipices. A short distance beyond the native village of Tinchep is the beautiful waterfall Munte, nine hundred and sixty-four feet above the sea, but six hundred a...')
  • 08.416 Mei 2024 08.41Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 10 (riw | sunting) ‎[52.029 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER X. THE NORTHERN PENINSULA OF CELEBES. On the morning of the 13th of December Mount Klabat, a conical volcanic mountain attaining an elevation of six thousand five hundred feet, appeared on the horizon; and soon after, north of Klabat, was seen Mount Sudara, “The Sisters,” a twin cone whose highest peak is about four thousand four hundred feet above the sea. North of this again is Batu angus, two thousand three hundred feet in height. Its name in Mal...')
  • 08.406 Mei 2024 08.40Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 9 (riw | sunting) ‎[38.040 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER IX. TERNATE, TIDORE, AND GILOLO. As we steamed out of the bay of Kayéli a heavy rain came on, for the rainy season, which had been prevailing on the south side of Buru, was now beginning on the north side. The same alternation of seasons is seen in Ceram. When I was on the south side of that island, there was one continuous rain; but when I came soon after to Wahai on the north coast, the grass was dry, and in many places completely parched. The cause...')
  • 08.396 Mei 2024 08.39Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 8 (riw | sunting) ‎[72.069 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER VIII. BURU. Sept. 25th.—Steamed down the bay from Amboina, this time not without a slight feeling of sadness as I recalled the many happy hours I had passed gathering shells on its shores and rambling over its high hills, and as I realized that it would probably never be my privilege to enjoy those pleasures again. Only three months had elapsed since my arrival at Batavia, but I had passed through so many and such different scenes, that Amboina appear...')
  • 08.336 Mei 2024 08.33Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 7 (riw | sunting) ‎[62.341 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER VII. BANDA. Two months had now passed since I arrived at Amboina, and I had not only collected all the shells figured in Rumphius’s “Rariteit Kamer,” which I had come to seek, but more than twice as many species besides. I was therefore ready to visit some other locality, and turn my attention to a different branch of natural history. During all the time I had been gathering and arranging my collection, Governor Arriens had frequently honored me w...')
  • 08.096 Mei 2024 08.09Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 6 (riw | sunting) ‎[56.115 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER VI. THE ULIASSERS AND CERAM. The arrival of the mail here, at Amboina, causes a general rejoicing. Indeed, it is the only thing there is to break the dull monotony of a residence in this enervating climate, unless, as happened this month, there is an earthquake, which affords a grand opportunity for the old residents to describe to all newcomers the fearful shocks they have experienced, and this they invariably do with that peculiar kind of semi-boastin...')
  • 08.056 Mei 2024 08.05Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 5 (riw | sunting) ‎[73.141 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER V. AMBOINA. June 29th.—We are this morning approaching Amboina, the goal of my long journey, and the most important of the Spice Islands. Amboina is both the name of the island and its chief city. In form the island is nearly elliptical, and a deep, narrow bay, fourteen miles long, almost divides it longitudinally into two unequal parts. That on the west, which forms the main body of the island, is called Hitu; and that on the east Laitimur, which in...')
  • 08.036 Mei 2024 08.03Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 4 (riw | sunting) ‎[48.465 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER IV. CELEBES AND TIMUR. June 18th.—We anchored this evening close in to the coast of Celebes on a shallow plateau, which is really only a slightly-submerged part of the island itself. This word Celebes is not of native origin, and was probably introduced by the Portuguese, who were the earliest Europeans that visited this island. It first appears in the historical and descriptive writings of De Barros,[14] who informs us that it was not discovered unti...')
  • 08.026 Mei 2024 08.02Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 3 (riw | sunting) ‎[41.485 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER III. THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF THE TROPICAL EAST. June 15th.—At 8 A. M. we left our anchorage off Surabaya, and steamed down the Madura Strait for Macassar, the capital of Celebes. Along the shores of the strait were many villages of fishermen, and bamboo weirs extending out to a distance of five or six miles from both the Java and Madura shores, and showing well how shallow the water must be so far from land. During the forenoon it was nearly calm, but...')
  • 08.006 Mei 2024 08.00Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 2 (riw | sunting) ‎[47.571 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER II. SAMARANG AND SURABAYA. On the 7th of June, as the twilight was brightening in the eastern sky, I left my new Batavia home, and was hurriedly driven to the “boom.” A small steamer was waiting to take passengers off to the mail-boat that goes to Celebes, Timor, and Amboina, the capital of the Spice Islands. My baggage all on board, I had time to rest, and realize that once more I was a wanderer; but lonesome thoughts were quickly banished when I...')
  • 07.586 Mei 2024 07.58Perjalanan di Kepulauan Hindia Timur/Bab 1 (riw | sunting) ‎[46.990 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'CHAPTER I. THE STRAIT OF SUNDA AND BATAVIA. On the 19th of April, 1865, I was fifty miles east of Christmas Island, floating on the good ship “Memnon” toward the Strait of Sunda. I was going to Batavia, to sail thence to the Spice Islands, which lie east of Celebes, for the purpose of collecting the beautiful shells of those seas. I had chosen that in preference to any other part of the world, because the first collection of shells from the East that was...')
  • 07.516 Mei 2024 07.51Ikhtisar Sejarah/Bab 24 (riw | sunting) ‎[63.173 bita]Glorious Engine (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'XXIV THE CAREER OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT § 1. Philip of Macedonia. § 2. The Murder of King Philip. § 3. Alexander's First Conquests. § 4. The Wanderings of Alexander. § 5. Was Alexander Indeed Great? § 6. The Successors of Alexander. § 7. Pergamum a Refuge of Culture. § 8. Alexander as a Portent of World Unity. § 1 THE true hero of the story of Alexander is not so much Alexander as his father Philip. The author of a piece does not shine in the limeligh...')

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  • 09.542 Mei 2024 09.54Lokakarya WikiCendekia 2024: Resep-resep Pilihan Peserta (riw | sunting) ‎[741 bita]ObsidianAngkasa (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'WikiCendekia merupakan salah satu program yang dilakukan oleh Wikimedia untuk melatih para sukarelawan demi usaha dapat menjaring kemungkinan menjadi pelatih di masa depan. WikiCendekia menjadi program lanjutan dari WikiLatih. Pada kesempatan kali ini, para peserta WikiCendekia 2024 yang memilih Lokakarya WikiBuku diminta untuk menuliskan resep dari daerah mereka masing-masing. Kumpulan resep ini pun menjadi ajang untuk mereka mengenal proses pembuatan buku dalam...') Tag: VisualEditor
  • 07.282 Mei 2024 07.28Resep sate taliwang (riw | sunting) ‎[1.338 bita]Janniba Arifah (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'Ayam taliwang merupakan makanan khas dari Nusa Tenggara Barat. Biasanya sajian ini dihidangkan dengan plecing kangkung di restoran. Cara membuat ayam taliwang tidak sulit. Namun, sebaiknya kamu menggunakan ayam kampung agar bumbu bakaran lebih meresap. Bahan: * 1 ekor ayam kampung, belah dua tidak putus, tekan sedikit supaya melebar * 2 sendok teh air jeruk limau * 1 sendok teh garam * 750 ml santan dari 1/2 butir kelapa * 3 sendok teh garam * 2 sendok makan gul...')
  • 06.542 Mei 2024 06.54Resep:Mi gomak (riw | sunting) ‎[1.556 bita]Yasanto Lase (bicara | kontrib) (←Membuat halaman berisi 'Mi Gomak adalah salah satu makanan khas Nusantara yang berasal dari Medan<ref>Aisyah, Yuharrani, <nowiki>''Resep Mi Gomak Kuah Khas Batak Untuk Sarapan''</nowiki>, Kompas.Com, 8 Juni 2021, </ref>. Namun, kita bisa menemukan di berbagai daerah di Nusantara. Mi gomak bisa dikatakan khas Batak berupa mi lidi rebus berkuah santan bumbu kuning. Mi gomak biasanya disantap saat sarapan. Rasa mi gomak bakal lebih nikmat dan otentik kalau menggunakan andaliman, merica kh...') Tag: suntingan sumber awalnya dibuat dengan judul "Resep makanan: Mi gomak"