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I spend most of my time on Indonesian Wikipedia so if you have any suggestion or question for me please leave a message on my Indonesian Wikipedia talk page.
Sono na wa Eren Yenga - Willy Tybur

About me

Since 2016, I have served as a contributing editor on Wikipedia. Initially, my role primarily involved correcting minor errors in articles. However, over time, my involvement expanded to encompass participation in discussions, the reversion of vandalism, disambiguations, content improvement, and more. As of 2024, my contributions have been recognized on the Indonesian Wikipedia, where I hold several key privileges, including administrator status, autoreviewer, editor, patroller, rollbacker, and access to various automated tools.

My work

I mostly spend my time doing administrator work on Indonesian Wikipedia. I enjoy creating articles and so far I have created nearly 1000 articles on Indonesian Wikipedia.

Contact me

If you have any question or suggestion please notify me on my Indonesian Wikipedia talk page.

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My main userpage is on Indonesian Wikipedia, User:Argo Carpathians.